Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Strawberry Mousse Cake and Strawberry Charlotte

So last week my roommate and I had to run some errands downtown... our freakin residence card is being delayed due to the annual "techincal" problem of theirs. Sighhh, it's ridiculous how inefficient Poland can be some times. There was only one lady that was attending the window/stand at the immigration office and I was already getting pretty annoyed waiting in line... then to find out that their problem wont be fixed until AUGUST is just )*(#&%)(*@%&)(#@*%&)(@#&. ARGHHH, I do not want to pay another 3,000 NT for a freakin unnecessary visa. Even though i could just use my Brazilian passport, i still don't want to worry about the 90 days limit. Its not even our fault anyway, at least reimburse us with free visa. Sheeeshhh... Well, after wasting our time at the office, we went to the far ING bank and passed through a strawberry stand. The strawberries looked so fresh and smelled so sweet that you could smell it 2 feet away, no kidding. So on our way back we couldn't resist but to stop by and get ourselves a bag of strawberries each. As if the freshness and prettiness wasn't a good enough reason to get them, then 4.00 zl for 1 kg must be 了吧!! Yep... looking at my past strawberry entries, 4.00 zl for 1 kg by far the cheapest. I could've gotten 2 kgs but I already had 500g of strawberries at home. So yep, that gave me 1.5 kgs of strawberries to work with XD.
After blending 1/3 up for yogurt-shakes, I decided to use some for a Strawberry Mousse Cake. But for some reason i just kept on screwing up and ended up wasting 1 liter of milk, 7 eggs, and tons of whipping cream, sugar, and other ingredients. Sighhh... i was pretty pissed off but hey, if you don't make mistakes, then how can you learn from them, right? So the next day i gave it another go and reduced the size to a small 5.5'' cake. Sigh, 真的是 with low expectations comes great satisfaction... it turned out 10x better than I expected! I divided it into 8 pieces-- gave one to little A, one for myself, and JLo ate the rest... in one sitting ;) Wahahahaa, that felt pretty good. Anyways, here's the recipe!

Sponge Cake
makes a 8.5'' cake (I halved recipe to make a small 5.5'' cake)

  • 290 mL (1 and 1/4 cup) all-purpose flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 35 mL milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 35 mL vegetable oil


  1. Prepare ingredients: [pictures 1, 2]
    - add sugar and salt together.
    - add milk, oil, and vanilla together.
    - sift the flour.
  2. Add the sugar+salt into the eggs and blend with an electric mixer immediately. [picture 3]
  3. Blend until the egg mixture becomes foamy and tripled in size (around 5 minutes).
  4. Add in the flour and mix well. [picture 4]
  5. Pour some of the mixture into the milk+oil and stir until well blended. [picture 5]
  6. Pour it back into the original cake mixture and use your spatula to fold until well blended. [picture 6]
  7. Pour into a cake mold and bake for 35 minutes at 180 C (Gas 4). [picture 7]
Strawberry Mousse Cake
makes a small 5.5'' cake
  • 2 layers of sponge cake (cut off 1 cm around the edges)
  • 200g fresh strawberries
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 3-4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 100 mL milk
  • 2.5 teaspoons unflavored gelatin
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 150g fresh strawberries sliced in half.

  1. Blend and puree 200g of fresh strawberries. [picture 1]
  2. In a saucepan, mix the sugar, egg yolk, and vanilla. [picture 2]
  3. Pour the strawberry puree (around 150 mL) into the egg mixture. Mix well. [picture 3]
  4. In another saucepan, add the gelatin and milk and heat until gelatin has dissolved. Pour it into the strawberry mixture and continue heating until everything comes together. [picture 4]
  5. Remove the mixture from the heat and place the saucepan in cold water until it reaches room temperature.
  6. Whip the cream until stiff peaks form. Pour it into the strawberry mixture. [picture 5]
  7. Fold until blended thoroughly. [picture 6]
  8. Place the 1st layer of sponge cake in the center of the mold and arrange sliced strawberries on top. Pour in the mousse until strawberries are covered. [picture 7]
  9. Place the 2nd layer of sponge cake in the center and cover it with more mousse. [picture 8, 9]
  10. Refrigerate until set (4 hours). Decorate and serve.

Strawberry Mousse Cake

For Strawberry Charlotte:
  1. Dip the bottom of the ladyfingers in raspberry or strawberry syrup.
  2. Line up the ladyfingers side by side along your springform pan.
  3. Fill up the inside as directed with the Strawberry Mousse Cake recipe above.

Strawberry Charlotte


  1. 超好吃的 雖然現在11pm了 我還是不小心瞬間吃光了整塊~~~ 不是應該要回台灣前該減肥的嘛XD

  2. The strawberry mousse cake is wonderful and delicious.

  3. hi! may i know what kind of milk & whipping cream did you use for the Strawberry Mousse Cake?

  4. Hi annonymous,
    I used 30% heavy whipping cream.
    It doesnt matter if you use full fat or skim milk for this recipe, but i used 2% fat milk.

    1. Sorry, skim milk won't work, as some fat is needed to make it whip. I've tried in vain. ��

  5. hi i tried ur recipe. I placed the layer of sponge cake and poured the mousse, etc.. but the sponge n mousse layers didnt turn out that well, the sponge cakes were kind of soggy, and the layers were mixed up, not as neat as urs. how can i make it better?

    thx ;p

  6. @Anonymous:
    Hmmm... i'm not 100% sure what your problem is, but the gelatin is what holds the mousse together-- solidifying it before the mousse sinks in. So i'm thinking there was probably a problem with the gelatin. Make sure you have dissolved the gelatin and fold it THOROUGHLY in the whipped cream. If you're worried about the gelatin, it's okay to add an extra teaspoon of it to the recipe. Also, keep your whipped cream chilled and make sure your strawberry mixture has reached room temperature before mixing them together. Chill your cake ASAP, right after you have finished assembling your cake. HOpe this helps!

  7. @manudas98: thanks for stopping by and looking around! your comments are appreciated :D

  8. hi anjelikuh!
    I love your pics for the cake!I want to make this on friday for mum's bday but don't know so don't know if you'll reply in time...
    The pan I'm using is a springform pan so when I pour in the mousse, will it leak out? I'm not making the ladyfingers one btw.
    Also, my pan is 8.5" so do I double your mousse recipe since you halved your spong cake recipe for your 5.5" cake?
    Thanks for this and hopefully you can get back to me by Friday!

  9. @Luca:
    Thanks for visiting! In response to your question, the sponge cake recipe will yield enough for a 8.5" cake. BUT the strawberry mousse recipe needs to be DOUBLED!

    You will have some mousse leftover after finishing the cake, but you can always use it and make little mousse desserts in a cup topped with fruits or other creative ideas.

    Hope this helps and happy birthday to your mom!

  10. Hi I'm going to make you Strawberry Charlotte for a school project (French Cooking :-) Anyway, is it possible to buy the lady fingers and make the sponge cake and still have it taste good. I know it is a silly question, but I need an A. ;-) Lol. Thanx sooooo much.

  11. @Anonymous:
    Yes, store-bought ladyfingers will work just fine. I also used store-bought lady fingers and made my own sponge cake. Make sure you need to double the recipe for the sponge cake if making a 8.5 inch cake!

  12. What temperature do you need to boil the pan to for the strawberry mouse cake? This is for when you mix the sugar eggs and vanilla.

  13. @Anonymous:
    You don't have to heat up your pan when mixing sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Start heating your mixture when you pour in the melted gelatin+milk mixture in step 4. I don't use a thermometer when heating so i can't tell you the exact temperature. The goal in heating is to incorporate everything together, so when you see that the sugar granules are melted and when the mixture is smooth, remove it from the heat to cool. you WONT have to reach boiling point for this.

  14. I am so glad to find a good "how to" for Charlottes. Chilhood memories of family and birthdays. My mother never shared how to make this cake. My whole family sends thanks!I sttoped bloging for lack of time and have tons of stuff to write about travel and food. I WOULD LOVE TO LINK YOUR BLOG:

  15. thank you very much for this beautiful recipe. I used it for birthday of my husband's grandmother. and it was so perfect. I would like to attach its photo even. just I did some changes. I cooked eggs mixed with half of the sugar over indirect heat(steam) till 70 C while constantly mixing with mixer on low speed, then added strawberries and rest of sugar and mixed very well. let it cool down a bit. then I melted gelatin in milk over indirect heat till 35 C while mixing and added to the mixture. then let it stand on bench for a while. I was preparing mold and cake. then I poured over as it is said in recipe.
    It was absolutely superb. and while serving it was out for more than hour but it didnt melt at all.
    thank you very much.

  16. oh sorry i forgot to say I added cream as well. after it cooled down a bit I added cream and then i used it.

  17. The strawberry cake recipe is very useful. Stall Design

  18. do you use some kind of glaze for the visible top layer of strawberries? not on the charlotte cake but the mousse cake. If you do, how do you make it?

  19. No, i didnt use glaze, i layered the top with some strawberry jam then topped it with strawberries. Finish by dusting with powdered sugar

  20. Hi thnx so much for sharing but I've a question though.....what kind of raspeberry or starberry syrup you used? or can I just boil sugar and water for the syrup......?

  21. hello! yesterday i was looking for a Charlotte cake and I found this strawberry mousse cake, i've tried it and it's awesome!!!! thank you so much!!!
    Choupie from Algeria

  22. how much is 100ML in cups or tablespoons?

  23. I just see ur webpage n find ur cake so beautiful!! gonna make it!! however, i dont hv a blender so can i simply cut the strawberries into tiny pieces n mix them with the cream?

  24. Hi how do you ensure the lady fingers stick to the cake?

  25. Hello, I would like to make the Charlotte cake (because it looks absolutely gorgeous!) but I have a (probably stupid) question: do you assemble the cake in the same springform pan that you previously baked the sponge in and trim the sponge to fit? Or do you use a bigger pan?

  26. Came across this recipe on someone else's FACEBOOK page - it looks absolutely enticing - hopefully between the computer and I - I can convert your measurements to U.S. - hoping for the best - and can't wait to taste the results.

  27. i love strawberry cake....can't wait to try this.....its ymmmmm.....

  28. I am so adding this to my list of desserts to make! It looks wonderful.

  29. Hi. This looks light and refreshing. Perfect for this South Carolina southern sweet tooth! Thanx, recommended to my Gmail from Pinterest!

  30. Hi, i am making this cake for my daughter's birthday. Can I make the mouse ahead to keep?