Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wow, after a 3 month hiatus, finally an entry!

I haven't updated this blog in foreverrrr, 害我一時之間不知道要寫什麼... 雖然說在台灣, 這個什麼都有的地方, 因該可以做更多東西...可是這三個月就讓我一混就混過去了. My summer is coming to an end as i'm heading back to POZ in 3 days... sighhh... back to the simple life where cooking becomes the only hobby i can have. 真不知道是該高興還是該哭....sighhhh. So anyways, a few days ago on the student government website, someone posted a link for a online test to see which medical specialization fits you most. Somehow the PTSG website is down so i can't go back and look for the link. But take a look at my top ten!

Tsk tsk tsk.... Dermatology... really?!?!
Even though it's the hottest specialization right now, it's also the hardest to get into. Dang it...
to get into something that suits me....... as if being a doctor isnt bad enough, P(*%()*%)(@*%. I got the same points for Radiation Oncology... but that's kind of out of the question since my parents are pretty paranoid about radiation and stuff. But who knows... ahhhhh i just want to specialize in something safe with a set schedule... is that too much to ask?! anyways, here's the rest of the bottom 17... Ha, i guess this test has some accuracy to it, cuz I have no interest, whatsoever, in anything below #21.

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okay, off I go to check out the new Kaohsiung Orange Line KMRT, yayyy! I'm excited. 住了高雄3個月發現.... 到了綠色縣市, 真的有差 :D 高雄是個好地方! (可是逛街要去台中 :P)