Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chili Casserole with Cornbread

Don't be fooled by the pictures, today's recipe is actually a simple one. It's just an integration of 2 of my old dishes: chili and cornbread which are also verrryy easy to make as long as you watch the fire (haha, Denise ;] ). Just pile up the chili onto your casserole dish and pour the cornbread batter around it. If you're really lazy or having problems with the chili, just spread the meat out and pour the batter over it. Either way, you'll impress a few people. This is why i love casseroles; the cheese'll cover whatever mess you made and no one could say no to a topping of perfectly golden baked mozzarella. Except my cheese just looks like spilled glue... thanks to the antique dorm oven of ours; you actually have to push down on the gas knob and light it up w/ a lighter...and better yet, there's REAL fire on the bottom. Mmmhmm, but ah well, that 100-year-old oven is what keeps this blog alive... so i shouldn't be complaining. Anyways, I got this casserole idea from, I love that site! If only I could be half as creative as them, sigh.

Chili Casserole with Cornbread

derived from
  • Chili con carne (see recipe here)
  • Cornbread batter (see recipe here, cut the recipe in half)
  • 1 cup of cheese, shredded (i used mozzarella)
  • 2 tablespoons green onions, chopped

  1. Spoon hot beef mixture onto the center of your casserole dish (drain excess soup) [picture 1].
  2. Spoon cornbread batter around the outside edge of your ungreased casserole dish [picture 2].
  3. Bake 18 minutes at 400°F.
  4. Sprinkle with cheese and bake for another 4 - 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and cornbread is golden brown [picture 3].
  5. Sprinkle with green onions just before serving.

Chili Casserole with Cornbread


  1. We have an electric stove, so there is no fire to monitor! T_T the first time I used it, I was so the hell are the flames...?! I don't even wanna try the oven. Sigh, so ghetto. I don't think they've changed the kitchen stuff since the 70s...otherwise, I might try this, haha.

  2. Hello again!

    It looks like you have an affinity for gut-busting American fare, so I thought I'd share this other blog with you:

    Each recipe has a YouTube demonstration. He's really good!

    ~ J

  3. Ooh, you should do YouTube videos about the proper way to chop/dice veggies. I don't know how to chop tomatoes, bok choy, cabbage...and I suck at mincing garlic. I'm sure that a lot of people, me included, just chop things in a super sui-bien way. Knife techniques are hard to perfect!

  4. Denise: Vivian just sent me her photos of her kitchen......... omg, such a waste!! she never uses it....... hahaha. I actually cut my veggies pretty slowly ever since i almost chopped my index finger off while cutting an onion....... it was pretty disgusting, i think i was supposed to get stiches for that, but i flipped the skin and flesh back together and it healed.

    J: NICE! i checked that blog out, and i'll definitely be trying his recipes soon, thanks!

  5. you should do YouTube video clips about the appropriate way to chop/dice fresh vegetables. I don't know how to make tomato vegetables, bok choy, clothes...and I pull at running beans. I'm sure that a lot of people
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