Monday, June 11, 2007

Strawberry Marble Muffins

Niieeeehhhh. forget the last post, i still went back to the kitchen afterall. But i will keep this short and hopefully go back to study soon.

I used to make muffins like... every other day until i got sick of baking the same flavors all the time (Coffee Chocolate Coco, Blueberry, and Apple Cinnamon). They're good, but you just dont get any satisfaction making the same things over and over again. I had plans to study last night, i really did, but 手太閒 and............ out came my first strawberry marble muffins! It was worth giving up my precious study time. XD

Strawberry Marble Muffins

  • Make 2 batters of normal muffin mix.

  • Add strawberry gelatin to one of them and mix well.

  • Spoon the white batter and the pink batter into your muffin wells side-by-side.

  • Use a knife and cut through the batter to mix the colors.

  • Bake for 20 minutes.

  • For other variations, use different flavored jello.

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